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Brand: Qv
This non-greasy moisturising cream helps to lock in the skin’s own moisture, offering rich and long-lasting hydration to the baby’s skin. It's suitable for the daily use and with conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. How to use: Apply to the face and body, massage in gently. ..
145 SAR
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Brand: Qv
Qv Cream Replenish Your Skin - 500g: This rich, protective cream replenishes the skin and helps to hydrate dry areas. It contains squalene, a natural component found in the skin’s oil. Areas prone to dryness like the elbows, knees and hands will just love what Qv Cream can do to help...
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Brand: Qv
QV Lip Balm: Moisturising lip balm and SPF 30+ protection helps to keep your lips soft and smooth, even when you’re out in the wind and sun. Always read the label and use only as directed...
43 SAR
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Brand: Qv
This rich cream will replenish the skin and hydrate dry areas and those prone to dryness especially on the elbows, knees and hands. Its formula helps to lock in natural moisture by acting as a protective barrier. Helps protect against dryness. Its low-irritant formula help with skin conditions such ..
100 SAR
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Brand: Qv
A rich cream that helps you to replenish your skin and hydrate dry areas. It contains ingredients like squalene which helps to deeply nourish the skin. It's made to suit areas prone to dryness like the elbows, knees, and hands. How to use: Apply to affected areas as often as required, particul..
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